Group personal training

Small group training where sessions are focused on your goals

Choose from 4 training styles: BUILD (muscle strength), HIIT (high intensity interval training), LEAN (physique), or LOSE (weight)


  1. Choose your training style & choose to train in a group only or in combination with personal training or contact us for help deciding.
  2. Buy one or more courses or a combination package (heavily discounted price) from here (or contact us to pay another way).
  3. We will contact you within 48 hours with your course information.

All courses start on the first day advertised of each month and run for 5 weeks, we require a minimum of 2 participants to run each course. In the unlikely event we do not have the minimum number of required participants to run the course that month we will either assign you to the next month’s course or offer you 2 personal training sessions (normal price = £80) that month (a full refund option is also available).

Group sessions are 1 hour and will start and finish promptly. If you are more than 10 mins late it is at the discretion of the trainer whether you can safely warm up and join in.

If you are a group of 2 or more who would like a course timetabled outside of what is offered here please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate you.


build timetable

This course is run by David, a strength and conditioning coach for the Sussex country cricket players and a serious rugby player. He will be taking his groups through sessions designed to pack on muscle and build or improve on your strength. The workouts will be built around Olympic lifting techniques (clean and jerk and the snatch) and strength development (squat, deadlifts and plyometrics). In your first session David will assess your initial ability and strength in order to plan sessions that will challenge you incrementally over the weeks. Over the course you will learn how to improve your lifting technique, develop strength to safely lift heavier weights, as well as unpick any poor habits. If you are experienced but have plateaued or don’t know how to develop further David will help assess how to break through blocks and formulate a plan with you.

All groups will be mixed – beginners and more experienced lifters will train side by side. These will not be fast paced sessions, you will work at a steady pace with emphasis on technique, progression and safely. The gym is a private, fully equipped strength and conditioning gym, with multiple lifting platforms.


HIIT timetable

Katie is Brightonfit’s most experienced trainer, she’s run over 30 marathons and lost track of the number of half marathons she has run! She heads up these early morning HIIT sessions with all the results you would expect from an outdoor bootcamp style training without any of the machismo or shouting! You will be the type of person who likes the feeling of working out intensively (or you want to find out), and can be a veteran of training or a complete beginner; all the sessions will be tailored to your level after a brief assessment in the first group you attend. Katie will take a measure of your fitness in week one and again at the end of week 5 in order to see the gains you have made.

You’ll be jumping on stuff, pulling, swinging and throwing heavy things, you may be doing bursts of running, you’ll definitely be doing lots of body weight exercises. If there are kettlebells or weights on the menu you’ll probably be using them explosively, in general the idea with these programs is to get the body working in bursts of a high intensity using plyometric (explosive) power to improve cardiovascular fitness and power and strength simultaneously; think of the kind of power and speed a sprinter or boxer needs and you get the picture!


lose weight timetable

These groups focus on weight loss, they are suitable for all fitness levels, ages and level of experience. On your first session Charlie and Marie will ask you if you would like to have some body measurements taken in order to track the changes you make; these are simple measurements taken with a tape measure and can be done in a private area if you prefer. There will also be the chance to record your weight, height and body fat percentage so that you can watch your body mass index (BMI) and fat percentage change over the duration of the course. The workouts take place in a designated area of the gym and comprise of a number of exercises that you move around as a group; the group focus is friendly and welcoming and after the first session you can chose to be added to the group messaging app giving you the chance to talk to other group members in between the sessions.

Many of you will have tried weight loss programs and diets before, the Brightonfit ethos is simple; we do not believe in diets, we believe balanced, healthy nutrition and a graduated program of exercise over a sustained period of time. Group interaction and the motivation and support it offers has been scientifically proven to be a significant benefit in sticking to a weight loss program. It goes without saying that this course tends to generate the best results when purchased alongside the nutritional bolt on (here).


lean body training

You want to be strong, and lift weights but not necessarily look like a body builder. You want the benefit of lean muscle, full joint range of movement and flexibility, coordination and control. You may be a regular gym goer or a complete beginner but the idea of being the strongest, leanest and best version of your physical self is really appealing.

As with the other groups, the emphasis is on gradually developing strength, mobility and physical change over a period of time so James will start each course with a measurement of your strength and fitness to compare to measurements you will take at the end of the course. You could be lifting weights, working against body weight resistance using gravity, bands or balls….this is calisthenics, suspension, gymnastics, crossfit, yoga, weighted circuits and plyometric training rolled into one with a big helping of core stability work to ensure you head towards a ripped and lean build.

These sessions are fun, hard and fast; we highly recommend the bolt on nutrition pack (here) to maximise this benefit from this course. You may or may not already have experience in training for these goals, all are welcome! What you put into your body when the focus is so holistic is  paramount to getting the degree of leanness you are training for.