bfit online personal trainers

We are friendly, educated and very experienced Personal Trainers and Dietitians, we are based in Brighton, UK, and have been working as gym, studio and mobile personal trainers as for 21 years. We are all qualified beyond the usual personal training certificate in fields such as Human Biomechanics, Weight loss, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic development and importantly, we coach other personal trainers in our simple and highly effective Bfit training methods to help their clients lose weight, gain muscle, recover from injury and improve performance at any level from beginner through to competitive athlete.

We know our limitations and we offer high quality nutritional advice but we are not dietitians so we partner with clinical dietitians who can build custom itemised meal plans  for clients who need this extra layer of support, they specialise in Gastroenterology.

When you sign up it will be one of us who will be training you. It won’t be a plan that is automatically sent to you, we will assess your health and fitness/strength at the start via a series of online discussions before putting a starting plan together for you.

The 4 styles of training plan we offer (BUILD, LOSE, HIIT, LEAN) each have 4 levels of support from us (BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM). This gives you a choice of 16 packages to buy from us, the contents of each package are itemised here.

Simply select the plan that suits you by clicking the buy now button relating to the package you want. You will be taken to our Bfit online personal training software sign up process where you can enter your payment information (using our secure payment partner) and set your account log in credentials for use on the desktop or app version of the software (Android or Apple).

bfit online personal training

Our software enables us to send clients messages, schedulers, technique videos, pictures and programs either on your PC or our app: Bfit online personal training (android or apple). We can also receive your technique videos, photos and mails/messages.

Sessions can be scheduled in the same way as with face to face personal training or can be completed as and when, either way clients are accountable to one of us and this is where the real value of online training is.

Months of online training costs a fraction of face to face training and for a lot clients this support really keeps them on track. We are real people who will really be contacting you to engage with your training and find out how we can improve and elevate your results to the next level!

Our programs are unique to you but will include things like: Looking at the food you have eaten in a week and discussing where you could make improvements, focusing on your base strength and gradually working on improving some core lifts, we may challenge you with some fitness tests or ask you to video as many press ups you can complete with perfect form. Whatever we put into your programs is negotiable and we will be with you throughout your journey to success.