Brightonfit bootcamp

Outdoor small group motivational, fun and innovative bootcamps. We aim to deliver exciting and effective sessions designed to keep your muscles guessing and heart rate up; the perfect combination for fat melting and muscle building

Monday 6.15pm, Preston Park

Only £5 per session (45mins)

Rich runs the Brightonfit bootcamp. His classes are the most cost effective way to access fitness training with Brightonfit; he also gets some of our most amazing feedback along with fantastic results. Using some equipment and lots of bodyweight exercises Rich combines traditional bootcamp style workouts (without the shouting!) with short sharp bursts of activity (HIIT style training). Rich draws on his athletic background (rugby player) when designing his bootcamps, the session is action packed with lots of laughter and camaraderie.

Sessions are limited to 16 people per group, and whilst there is no official booking system it is a good idea to arrive 5 minutes early especially if this is your first bootcamp to introduce yourself to Rich and run through a brief health screen with him.

WHERE WE MEET: On the grass between the Rotunda cafe and the bronze statue of Steve Ovett. Any problems call Rich: 07876585453

WHAT TO BRING: £5, water, a sense of humour

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