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We believe it takes years of experience and high quality training to become a truly great personal trainer. We let our client results and satisfaction do the rest for us!

Here's How We Work...

Personal Assessment Start With A Plan

Don’t worry we’re not going to ask you to do back flips! This is an informal meeting – usually a sit down chat type, but sometimes we like to see you in motion to assess your biomechanics or other things that help us build a good picture of you.

Flexible Tailored To You

Personal training slots are available between 6am – 8pm, 7 days a week. If you would like to book a slot to fit in with your schedule the best option is to purchase blocks of personal training sessions to guarantee availability.

Cost Effective To Suit All Budgets

Sign up to our pay monthly combination packages and mix one-on-one training and small group training sessions. This is a very popular option and allows you to maximise face to face contact with a personal trainer whilst minimising the costs.

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What people say

  • After 18 months of training with Kirstin I reached my target weight loss of over 3 stone. I now maintain a healthy lifestyle and recently married my childhood sweetheart in a size 10 wedding dress! *

    Charlotte Harvey, PA, Brighton
  • Training with Brightonfit has been a very pleasant experience. I had really only been a cyclist before I began training with them and within 18 months of training in the comfort of my own home I have completed a 10km run, comfortably squatted my own body weight and even become a fan of burpees! *

    Chris Wisdom, Business coach, Brighton
  • I was working in an office, out of shape, and unhappy. A friend bought me some sessions to get started with and I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life. In fact I lost so much weight (3 stone) and became so fit in the 2 years of sessions that I changed my job and am now training to be a fully qualified nutritionalist. *

    Anna Jenkins, Nutritionalist, Brighton