RMO Package

Runners, New Mothers and Office bods - this one's for you

For the runners; OK so you can run, and you may get to your goal uninjured, but chances are that if you're not including strength training into your program it will catch up with you at some point. For the new mothers; Your baby has occupied a space in your womb for 9 months and your body has undergone significant change, there are some basic strengthening exercises that you SHOULD be doing. Office bods; sitting down all day isn't good for the body, you will benefit hugely from incorporating specific strengthening exercises into a routine

All for £599

This is our most flexible package

It is designed to fit around your busy lifestyle and/or current training regime. You can use it as a stand alone package or as a bolt on package to a block of personal training with us.


What is it postural strength + injury prevention

All these groups of people have similar strength requirements/deficits. You will share the same requirement to build a stronger core - this will reduce chances of bad backs at work, increase running strength, acceleration and speeds, and return mothers to their pre birth strength. You will all need muscle balancing and and realignment to some degree to counter the natural muscular compensations your body has developed over time and prevent/repair injury. And you will all need postural muscle strength, to promote a good posture whilst you sit at your desks, care for your baby and ensure you hit your running PBs.


How it works Sessions are tailor made + flexible

The changes we want to make, we want to stick. It is likely that your body has adopted the condition it is in over a period of time and it is quite possible that you are training elsewhere as well as doing this. Because of this we have decided the best way to support you is to give your body a long slow infusion of realignment and correction training. The aim is that by checking in with us from time to time we make adaptations to your program, or suggest a program if you dont already have one, depending on how far your body has adapted since we last saw you.


What you get sessions to use when you want

This is a 6 month package, we give you 3 sessions each month to use at your convenience (just call us when you would like to book). We ask that you use these sessions each month as they don't roll over to the next month. Your sessions will be tailored exactly to your needs after an initial assessment. If you would like to see us more than 3x per month but still take advantage of the discounted pricing this package offers, then simply buy a bolt on block of 10 or 20 PT sessions and book in as you wish.