6 Week Kickstarter Package

Perhaps you’d like to learn how to exercise correctly or you want to look/feel how you used to. Maybe you’re here because you don’t like getting treated differently because of your size or your fed up and cant stick to a routine, you yo-yo diet, you’ve gained weight after pregnancy, you are about to get married, you’re doc has sent you, you realised you cant see your toes when your standing or your back pain has reached a climax….Whatever your reason you gotta do something right?

All For £799

Here's What We Ask Of You...


Training Timetable Never Miss A Workout

Exercise 5 days a week for 6 weeks; we will create a schedule for you that will include these sessions in a sensible order and with the right content for YOU. Sessions will either be at home or one of the Brightonfit studios. Some will be private one to one & some will be Brightonfit group sessions.


Nutritional Goals Never miss a meal

Stick to our nutritional advice like glue. It is going to be a little strict, but it will not be a severe calorie restriction diet, we want you to make changes that last a lifetime in order that you never have to be here again.


Be Honest Never tell a lie

We ask you don’t skip a session, that you are honest with us so that we can tweak your program as we go and we understand you as best we can. If you can hold this together for the 6 weeks then we can guarantee monumental improvements to completely change your life.

Here's What We Will Do For You EVERY Week:

3 x Personal Training Sessions

In your home, outside or in one of our studios (60 minutes per session) private sessions designed to your exacting requirements. Usually sessions will combine strength, cardiovascular, mobility and flexibility training with discussions on nutrition and how to plan meals. The focus here is on providing you with a tailored plan that you could continue with or without our support after the 6 week kickstart

2 x Group Training Sessions

Join high intensity interval (HIIT) group training sessions with Suneth (30mins) in the studio or outdoor bootcamp sessions with Rich (45mins). Both groups are exciting fun and varied giving you opportunity to practice things you have learned in your personal sessions and exercise amongst other motivated and friendly Brightonfit clients.