weight loss brighton

Our specialist weight loss team is made up of Alice (dietitian), Beth (trainer), Tom (trainer) and the dynamo duo Charlie and Marie (GP exercise referral trainers). They support, motivate, and make the journey from where you are now to the seemingly impossible, as fun as they can!

We spend a while getting to know what makes you tick and how you form habits (so that we can figure out how to undo the bad ones!).
Combining the dietary work you undergo with Alice plus the physical training means that you attack your weight loss programs from all sides.

This unique approach means we will never ask you to diet to lose weight. Nor will we put you through an unsafe training session, but instead the weight loss team will create a step by step program to work though at a sensible pace and really ensure that each piece is in place for you before moving on. We don’t rush, we do it right, and we get results….above all we like to think we understand how you feel.
All of our studios are private or semi private. We are happy to train any weight loss, post-operative and rehabilitation/musculoskeletal disorder clients.

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Hello I’m Tom and I am very proud to be part of this specialist team. Although I have been a personal trainer for over a decade, working life didn’t start out that way; I studied Engineering at university and pursued a career here for a number of years. My light bulb moment was half way through a spin class at my gym realising I wanted to be the teacher at the front! Looking back it makes complete sense, I have always loved sport and lived in Australia with my wife for 8 years. The outdoor healthy lifestyle influenced my qualification and training choices. Health and wellness is core to my principles and I am passionate about sharing these with you and seeing the profound impact this can have.

Alongside more conventional personal training qualifications I am a qualified CHECK exercise coach, we look at the person as a whole and combine physical exercise and mind-body exercises. I use this training when working with weight loss clients, as so often the habits and patterns formed need to be addressed from a whole person approach to be successful.

Hi I’m Beth it is my absolute pleasure to offer my personal training services to anyone who needs a little push and motivation and a lot of knowledge and confidence. I didn’t start out as a personal trainer, in fact I still have one foot in my ‘other life’ as a medical writer. My doctorate looked at how different chemical signals affect the brain and influence behaviour, I focused particularly on appetite, addiction and obesity…this was my route into personal training. I find that being able to support people physically, emotionally and armed with this clinical knowledge is a powerful and unique approach which gets AMAZING results.

My dance background means that our sessions will focus on building a functional and strong, coordinated and flexible body. I try to keep things informal and relaxed, I know it’s pretty tough for you to be here and my goal is to make your journey as comfortable and rewarding as possible. By the way I’ve got a list of qualifications as long as my arm – just ask me if you would like to know more about these!

Hi I’m Alice, an HCPC registered dietitian. I’ve worked in the NHS for 9 years, specialising in gastroenterology (the branch of medicine that looks at digestive disorders). I hold a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and I am an active member of the BDA (The association of UK Dietitians), the BDA Freelance Specialist Group and the BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group.

I have a passion for great food, and I want to share that with you, we start with an in depth consultation including an analysis of your current food diary. Afterwards I spend some time planning our attack; I try and ensure that the plans I make are sensitive to the time you have available for preparing your meals, your family commitments, food preferences, allergies, budget and time restrictions i.e. completely tailored to you and your lifestyle. I will then send you your weekly or monthly food/meal plans which ensure your diet will be balanced yet varied and accommodate the work the rest of the team will be putting you through in order to reach your goals! We will talk at regular intervals to assess how things are going and see if we need to make any changes.