online personal training plans

Choose from the 4 styles of training we offer below, then select the level of support you need from us in your package

These packages are suitable for anyone whose focus is to pack on muscle.
You don’t have to be an experienced lifter in order to maximise the benefits of this style of training; we will gauge your starting point and build your training program incrementally.
You may already lift and not be getting the results you want, welcome….we are here to change that for you!

You will be sent a 5 day per week training program which will change in content and intensity fairly frequently at any level of support we offer (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). This will be constructed for you, after we have spent a bit of time getting to know you, your injuries, preferences, experience etc..
We check your lifting technique videos (support level dependent) and dietary intake to compliment how we support you.

You will be lifting 5 out of 7 days of each week; training hard is the best way to get the results you are looking for, so you’ll need to be prepared for an intense workload…with HUGE benefits! You will also need to have a gym membership (or a well equipped home gym) as these programs almost exclusively rely on free weights (dumbbell and barbell lifts)

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Assessment type:
Online Health and fitness assessment

Online dietary and lifestyle assessment

Skype health and fitness assessment

What we send you and how we support you:

Bespoke 5-day weekly cycle
Bespoke 3-day weekly cycle

We calculate your ideal nutritional intake (macros)

We assess your food diary weekly

Dietitian prescribed 7-day meal plan (21 meals)

Dietitian prescribed monthly meal plan (90 meals)

Weekly feedback to dietitian. Meal changes if reqd. (email)

Weekly feedback to PT. Program changes if reqd. (email)

Feedback after each session to PT (email/IM/video)

Weekly fitness challenge

Change program/increase intensity every 2 weeks
Change program/increase intensity every 1 week

What you send us:

Your weights for the 5 x 1RM exercises we set
Weekly video assessment of exercise technique (up to 5 videos)

Your weekly food diary (to your PT)

Your 3-day food diary (to your dietitian)

How we track change:

Body composition measurements and photos
Monthly strength testing
Monthly fitness testing
Weekly strength and conditioning challenges


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So you want to lose weight? Maybe you’ve tried all the fad diets and your weight yo-yo’s. Perhaps, for the first time, you are at a stage where you cannot control the growing bulge. Either way you don’t like the way you look and feel and it’s time you changed your lifestyle for the better.

This is our most flexible package as people tend to arrive at our doorstep in widely varying degrees of stress, ability, weight and confidence. However our general approach remains the same; we major on the importance of good food and sensible, regular, realistic, bite sized (excuse the pun!) training plans.
At our 2 highest levels of support (gold and platinum) you will have a dietitian working along side your personal trainer with you. If you can stretch to this we would highly recommend it, in particular for the meal preparation side of things. The software and knowledge they use to analyse not only your macro nutrients but also your minerals and vitamins is truly cutting edge stuff! If you are experiencing gut health issues, low energy or mood levels this kind of clinical support gets results fast and takes all the guess work out.

If you fall off the wagon we ‘aint gunno give up on you, be mean or expect anything other than for you to please dust yourself off and hop back on. We can chat about it or get on with it, either or both are fine with us!

You like the feeling of working out intensively (or you want to find out), with exercise choices and a program structure that delivers measurable results in the time available. A lot of these exercises are used by the military or athletes such as track and field or cross-fitter’s and we can tailor them to suit your level without killing you but so that you can benefit from the same amazing results.

You’ll be jumping on stuff, pulling, swinging and throwing heavy things, you may be doing bursts of running (this can be discussed), you’ll definitely be doing lots of body weight exercises. If you have access to free weights and kettle bells (don’t worry can work around this if you don’t) you’ll probably be using them explosively (think Olympic lifting). The premise with these programs is to get the body working in bursts of a high intensity using plyometric (explosive) power to improve cardiovascular fitness and power and strength simultaneously; think of the kind of power and speed a sprinter or boxer needs and you get the picture!

It really doesn’t matter what kit you have, access to a gym is great and makes our job much easier, but if you only have a 6ft x 6ft space in your lounge after you’ve shifted the sofa and no kit then don’t worry we’ll make it work too. These sessions are usually short and hard, you can expect to fit them into 30-45mins.

online personal training workouts lean muscleWHO?
You want to be strong, and lift weights but not necessarily look like a body builder. You want the benefit of lean muscle, full joint range of movement and flexibility, coordination and control. You may be a regular gym goer or a complete beginner but the idea of being the strongest, leanest and best version of your physical self is really appealing.

Expect to be lifting heavy weights, this may come as a surprise to some of you who previously associated this with more of a bulking type program. Don’t worry these will be combined with other exercises with a big helping of core stability work to ensure you head towards a ripped and lean build. Importantly we’ll help you with the right foods to eat to sustain the muscle but without developing surplus fat (or getting rid of the stubborn fat), this will be a big focus in this program and if you can stretch to the gold or platinum support level to get our dietitians involved in building your food plans and meals we would highly recommend it.

A gym (or well kitted out home set up) would be really useful here. If we have to work around this we would discuss a few essential purchase prior to starting.