12 Week Get Strong Package

You don't have to wear a lycra suit and grunt to feel like a pro! Spend 12 weeks with us instead...

It can be daunting to pick up weights for the first time, or you may not be getting the results you want from your current lifting program. Help is at hand; with the right structure and coaching we will either introduce you to weight lifting techniques & training concepts, or build upon your existing weightlifting ability.

Unbelievably all of this is £999 !

Here's What We Ask Of You...


Training Timetable Never Miss A Workout

Exercise 6 days a week for 12 weeks; Every client's session and program will be different but for everyone you will see your personal trainer in the gym or studio for weight lifting and on the days in between you will attend a studio based high intensity group session and an outdoor bootcamp session.


Your best effort In the gym & the kitchen

We will provide as much support and structure as you need; this will entail a tailored training AND nutritional plan. It's hard to stick to both, we know that but its only 12 weeks. Try and get your head down and give it your best effort, by the end we guarantee it will feel like a way of life!


Be open minded It will be challenging

You may have been weightlifting for years, but hit a plateau in your strength gains. Alternatively you might not know the difference between a squat and a snatch. Either way you are about to be entering a new zone, so be prepared to mix it up, to feel a little out of your comfort zone.

Here's What We Will Do For You:

4 x Personal Training Strength and conditioning sessions

In our studio or gym (60 minutes each) we'll assess your current ability and technique and build from there. We will work with you to achieve perfect lifting form covering the basics of weight lifting and olympic lifting. The sessions will help you develop lean muscle based on your requirements; this strength can be used to improve your sporting performance, achieve a great looking toned physique or help you bulk, just let us know what you want from us.

2 x Group Training Sessions
(1 x HITT, 1 x BOOTCAMP)

A 30 min body weight high intensity studio group session designed to burn, build and burn all over again. Its fun, fast, friendly and effective. Your other group session is a 45min refreshing outdoor fun and friendly bootcamp session designed to improve mobility, flexibility and focuses on bodyweight strength exercises to complement your other weekly training