If there were one negative to an active lifestyle it would be that you push your physical self through barriers and in doing so you may negate safety momentarily. Sometimes a fraction of a second lapse in concentration is all it takes to pick up an injury that can plague you a lifetime!

Lets say you’re here now, and you know what went wrong and sure as dammnit ‘aint going to repeat the same mistake in the future…that is if you ever get up without your injury complaining ….and if you ever get back on to that blooming football field/running track/bicycle.

The first battle is the mind. As always.

Here is what you need to do: Get up, and get on with what you can do.

Here is how to do that: Get some professional advice. Physio’s and Osteo’s are my preferred clinicians; Chiropractors are yet to convince me.

Here is what not to do: Feel sorry for yourself and lounge around moaning.

Here is also what not to do: Ignore your pain and train like you did before on your injury.

What will happen if you follow this advice is one some days you will feel like your injury is improving and you have made headway in the gym/field/road. But on other days you will feel demoralised and like your injury will never go away and you may end up fat and riddled with pain and ‘what ifs’. BUT panning out your overall progress month by month will be that in a positive healing direction and in time you will have less of the bad days and more of the good days until the bad days become a distant memory.

By the way if you don’t follow this advice you probably will suffer more pain, get fat and continue to get injured through musculoskeletal compensations, get more unfit, get fatter more injured, more unfit, fatter, even more injured, until finally one day you will not even notice because as you waddle down the street having finally given up you see they are having a sale in the mobility scooter shop and this will be the highlight of your day…after your Mcflurry breakfast… *disclaimer: gains and successes vary from person to person