Combine Personal Training with Brightonfit Group Training fitness sessions

A popular way to use our services is to combine personal training and group fitness training sessions. In private sessions we can really focus on you and pick out all the tricky parts of your training program. Group sessions change throughout the year, if you become a regular to our groups this cross training is and excellent way to challenge your strength and fitness.

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Sea swimming

Daily (seasonal) 10am

Mark runs our sea swimming group, he is a retired sea lifeguard, a triathlete, a sports event organiser and bike hire shop owner!! He offers Brightonfit a wonderful friendly and very encouraging group to join most mornings at 10am. You will head out for anything from 15 to 45 minutes swim between the piers on Brighton beach.

The group is made up of a mixture of very experienced swimmers like Mark, and some less experience swimmers who fancy improving their open water technique or just want to see what it’s all about in a safe and controlled environment.

You can poke Mark and the gang for tips and techniques or you can just swim along with the group for company and safety…its entirely up to you. The sessions start and finish at our Seafront studio (click photo for Google map) where you can change and leave your belongings and get a warming cup of tea afterwards!

Group fitness

Tues + Thurs 6.30 – 7.15am

Gareth runs our group fitness sessions, these are 45 minute early morning park based sessions. We meet in Hove park at the basketball court.

These are relaxed, drop in, mixed ability fitness classes with a focus on body weight and high intensity interval (HIIT) style training designed to torch fat and build lean muscle. The sessions will sometimes include functional strength equipment, or use training facilities in the park. Gareth regularly changes session content to constantly challenge your muscle and get the most effective results. The workouts are completely scale-able so that beginners and more experienced people can all train together, don’t worry Gareth has a knack for knowing when you need pushing and not!

Do expect results, do expect to make friends and have a great deal of fun, don’t forget your water and a sense of humor – what a fantastic way to start the day!

Personal training Brighton testimonials:

  • Personal training in Brighton with Brightonfit has been a very pleasant experience. I had really only been a cyclist before I began fitness training with them and within 12 months of training in the comfort of my own home I have completed a 10km run, comfortably squatted my own body weight and even become a fan of burpees! *

    Chris Wisdom, Business coach, Brighton
  • I began looking for a female personal trainer in Brighton and found Kirstin, after 18 months of personal training I reached my target weight loss of over 3 stone. I now maintain a healthy lifestyle and recently married my childhood sweetheart in a size 10 wedding dress! *

    Charlotte Harvey, PA, Brighton
  • I was working in an office, out of shape, and unhappy. A friend bought me some Brighton personal trainer sessions to get started with and I can honestly say it has been the best experience of my life. In fact I lost so much weight (3 stone) and became so fit in the 2 years of sessions that I changed my job and am now training to be a fully qualified nutritionalist. *

    Anna Jenkins, Nutritionalist, Brighton
  • As a fitness instructor in Brighton my time is so pressed, its hard to get time to find to put towards my own exercise. I decided to look for a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove and came across Brightonfit; what attracted me to them was their Strength coaches as Olympic lifting was something I had always wanted to learn. I am 9 months in and feel amazing! My lifting technique is improving all the time and I cannot recommend the Brighton personal trainers at Brightonfit enough! *

    Ben Swift, Fitness Instructor