If you are new to running, 5km run is a great target, as your personal trainer in Brighton, my advice would be to train with plenty of preparation up to and over 5km. Use all the tricks like hills and speed variations to get you to your goal but just scale according to your ability. Make sure you train frequently but don’t train every day and definitely don’t train if your body is sore and most importantly make sure that you are prepared enough to enjoy the experience. I hope this is the road to many happy running races for you in the future!

If you know what you are doing here is an 8 week training plan based on your target time. Its a good idea to not aim for sub 20mins in 8 weeks if all you can achieve at the moment is a 30mins 5km! what i mean is try and set realistic goals that you will be able to succeed at, the next time you prepare for a race you can shave off some time and so on….8 weeks will fly by!

A personal trainer would build something like this for you and very often run these with you or at least make sure that you are performing each session optimally. If ou would like one of us to run you through this program or any other just get in touch, otherwise good luck…click the photo for a larger version to print:

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