So you ran your first Brighton 5km and decided you really liked it? You’re body feels stronger and fitter and you’re feeling like you can tackle the next challenge?! How about a Brighton 10km run, and perhaps this time how about setting a time to achieve it in and working carefully towards it?

Here is an 8 week training plan to run a 10km race either for your first time or for those of you who are more experienced at running in Brighton and Hove. Remember to take it easy and don’t set yourself an unrealistic target and to aim to stick to the plan as faithfully as is realistic for you. Don’t kill yourself to fit a session in if you are feeling unwell or your body is too sore, but do push yourself if it is simply that the weather is grotty or you have had a bad day at work. Getting outside and pumping blood around the body is a fantastic way to repair self esteem or bad moods and you will be amazed at the transformation compared to when you left the house (and your family will be thankful too!).

Please remember that these running plans are only part of the picture and that you will need to ensure you maintain a balanced strength and conditioning program to bolster the demands running in Brighton places on the body. Next week I will post a good training session to achieve exactly that, which you can perform at home, here is one from a couple of weeks ago that is also really good – one of the workouts that us personal trainers in Brighton actually do ourselves.

Good luck with your running, if you need some advice or help from one of us Brighton personal trainers please get in touch, otherwise click the picture below to get a full size printable version or download the PDF version of this plan here


10km brighton training plan