Simply put this is the most amazing weight loss tool that I have ever come across. Forget gizmo’s that monitor your heart rate, measure your run gradient, forget trainers with arch technology and stride support struts, forget poncy gym memberships where you spend more time in the treatment rooms and saunas than you do on the treadmills. DietBet has the solution. Why am I getting so excited about this company and their first product? Because finally someone has understood the complex connection between our psychology to weight loss and exercise and designed such a fun creative solution to keep customers engaged in the program that really puts the onus on the user and so leads to sustained weight loss, healthier lives and a sense of responsibility for our own weight management and state of mind.

The way it works is you sign up to the website and join a challenge or start your own. You plan a start date or find one that is running to suit when you want to start. You log your weight with them (they have a way to check the legitimacy of your entry) and you pay your entry fee (around $25) and then you wait……other users join your challenge and they each pay the fee so the pot grows. The challenges are things like “loose 4% of  your body weight in 4 weeks” Those who achieve the goal are “winners” and these people split the pot. Genius.!!