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Most of us know we should eat more healthily and we are big advocates of healthy eating, however we also know the pain it can be to keep on the straight and narrow when it comes to diet.

The best advice I can give anyone is – Preparation. Sometimes easier said than done, but with repetition comes good habits. To help get you started I’ve made this (very familiar to many) recipe of Sweet Potato Cottage Pie.  

The idea is simple but there are some changes to be aware of so you can replicate the principles in other meals. The most important ingredient in this recipe is Sweet Potato; a sweet potato is important because it has a lower GI (Glycemic Index) meaning is a less ‘starchy’ carbohydrate, and therefore your body will be able to digest it more rapidly – which all leads to a better digestive system, and more widely, a healthier body.

Learn to replace the more carb dense potato, pasta and even bread with sweet potato, and you’ll be onto a winner. So onto the cooking: This is all about preparation, so it’s essential to make enough meals to be useful.


  • Onion x2
  • Garlic X1 head
  • Carrots x250g
  • Mushrooms x250g
  • Beef mince x1kg
  • Sweet potato x 2


  1. Cut up onion
  2. Crush up garlic
  3. Put in mince meat
  4.  Add chopped up carrots
  5.  Add chopped up mushrooms
  6.  Add tomato (sieved/sliced/chopped)
  7.  Stir on low heat and allow to simmer (longer the better)
  8.  Microwave 2 or 3 sweet potatoes for 10minutes
  9.  Cut open and scoop out

Final product:

Very simple yet 100% healthy. You’ve put so much effort into finding time to train and working hard during your sessions, this is an idea to make sure you get the best results from your hard work.