Running is an activity and sometimes sport we are all familiar with and running injuries are all too common amongst those of all abilities; and it is precisely this which we at Brightonfit try to address.

The reason for this is already known: technique, or the lack of…running itself won’t injure you, but the way you run can.

Looking closer it’s all too easy to see why, when the classic running ethos is backward. When a regular person decides to start running, their approach will often be; get the miles in, build these up steadily, maybe do some shorter distance runs and then worry about technique later down the line – which again, often never happens.

The approach we instill in our clients turns the previous approach on its head. Firstly we look at ‘skills & drills’ of running technique, followed by shorter distance and even sprint work as intervals, then finally adding stamina runs for distance or tempo runs on a timed basis, based on ability to keep a pace.

Perhaps look at the reason like this; if you took up weightlifting, I am sure any reasonable person would want to master the technique prior to lifting the heavier weights, to prevent injury. However when looking at a far more accessible activity such as running, the temptation to by-pass this crucial first step is almost standard.

Brighton is a very active city, we even have our own marathon! I personally love the fact there are always runners everywhere you look, I’m often one of them. We at Brightonfit and are here to help. We are passionate about the same sports as you and strive to impart our knowledge and experience to help build on your current ability, be that beginner to expert.

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