Pepe and I have a new running partner in Ruby a 2 year old collie cross. Ruby is every bit the character filled ball of energy that you would expect from a young collie. Added to which she is also Pepe’s girlfriend, which is probably best discussed on a “inter-species canine loving” type blog rather than here but pertinent to the fact that he pretty much lets her get away with anything she wants. This usually involves high volumes of repeated barking and charging simultaneously at him in an attempt to engage him in play. Pepe is a wise old dog and pretty much knows what these runs entail….undue expenditure of energy is not in his game plan, god forbid he were to lark around and play with his young bit of fluff rather than missing a juicy sniff or pee stop.

Today for some reason was different.
Ruby was a delight for both Pepe and I….she fell into a perfect trot pace from the outset. When the paths were narrow either Ruby or I led, at broader points I had Ruby to my left and Pepe to my right both half a step behind me. Today I didn’t run with music like I usually do, our breaths were rhythmical and it felt good as we worked hard up the hills and through the woods. The air was still and thick, fog still in some places, particles of moisture formed little breath clouds as we exhaled. Each of us helped the other through the run, sometimes Ruby would pace Pepe and I, and sometimes she would hang back to provide him with moral as I carved out our pace and direction. Running with wolves….whatever the pack….is one of the single most raw and pleasurable experiences I know.