It’s happening to me this year:

So I need to get over myself! Actually after a mild shock when I turned 39 that “it” was just around the corner I have come to see the huge benefits of wisdom and insight – the only thing is that what I live and breath i.e sport, fitness, flexibility, agility, coordination and so on – are deteriorating at a rate of knots!!

The balance for me and other athletes has always been much more brawn than brain, so things have to change now, and that’s OK. I can still race in fact I am finding that the veteran category’s are really not for the old cronies there is some die hard competition out there. And my teaching only improves with experience.

It is a shame that the body fails us so early into our middle years, our lifespan is so much longer than before and although there are odd exceptions you don’t see many 30+ athletes at the top of their games. Amateur boxers are forced to retire at 34 years old, I’ve seen some veteran categories starting at 35 for running races.

My friend’s 8 year old is an amazing gymnast who has been picked up by a local club as a prospect. There’s no saying whether or not she will make an Olympian, so many hurdles along the way. But she trains for 20 hours a week, dedication beyond belief from the child (her parents are the most laid back people you could care to meet!) and yet even if she does make it what will happen once she turns 25? Have you ever seen a gymnast older?