10 September 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of Online personal training

bfit online personal trainers

Like it or loathe it, online personal training is here and will continue a healthy surge in popularity in the future.

So much of our lives are digitised now and with technology racing ahead it was a logical step to the fitness industry? You can train with a personal trainer who you may not find at your local Brighton gym, possibly one who occupies a specialist niche or speaks the same language as you! Huge possibilities have been opened up for consumers with the explosion in the market but online personal training is not for everyone. Here we run through some of the advantages and disadvantages of online personal training:


  • Access to expert advice and somebody who fits your style

Spending time shopping around various personal trainers and companies to find the one that you like the look of is one of the major advantages of online personal training.

  • More affordable

Trainers no longer need to charge to cover their online clients time in quite the same way as their face to face clients due to a host of factors including gym rent, the number of clients they can fit into a day etc…. You may find in some cases you can get a month’s worth of training from an online trainer for the same price as a few face-to-face sessions

  • Location/Time

Being able to train at any time and anywhere is much more efficient for both you and the online trainer. You are no longer bound by business hours, gym opening times, daylight hours or the number of clients your trainer can realistically see in a day.



There are not many disadvantages to online personal training but it may not suit everyone, for example:

  • If you need motivation and accountability from someone you can look eye to eye with and make a deep personal connection with then you may struggle with most online personal trainers. There will be some high-end plans you can subscribe to with regular live video link ups (such as Skype, face time etc..) in order to re-create this part of real life training. However be prepared to pay a premium price as the trainer is now exchanging their time for money in the same way as face to face training.
  • Nobody spotting for technique or heavy lifts

Relevant to complete beginners, or those who lift very heavy weights. Both types of clients would benefit from face to face training to minimise the chance injuries.





20 May 2017

Why setting goals is important

brightonfit training plan


There are two ways to incorporate exercise into your life. The first is as a pleasurable pastime; the idea that you get joy from using your muscles and working your heart. The second is in the pursuit of a fitness or strength related goal for example a marathon.

When you incorporate exercise into your life for pleasure you sub consciously build in the flexibility to cancel…. why? Because you can. You have no one to meet, no one to be accountable to, no frequency of attendance or measure of intensity is built in to your exercise, you simply exercise for the pure pleasure of it and lets face it there ‘aint many of us who can attest to that being very motivational!! Especially not if you are reading these pages!!

If you’re setting a goal there are some tricks to make sure you are successful. The first and most important is make sure you factor in enough time to sensibly train for your feat. It doesn’t matter how massive your goal is, if you don’t plan enough time to get there you aren’t going to get there. The next thing about goal setting is to make sure you don’t train for a goal more than 3-4 months in advance; why? Because you simply cannot stay that focused for that long. So what if my goal is massive and I need a year? Well the answer would be to break it down into 3 smaller goals each on building up to the big final goal. That way you just maintain focus for a third of a year per goal.

And finally; make sure you pick a goal that means something to you, don’t use someone else’s goals, make your own. You have to want to get to the end so bad that when its raining outside and you’ve planned your sprint session you don’t have any excuse not to get out there and do it.